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Life Goes On Eeeww

Ever wonder what happened to the actor who played Corky on TV's Life Goes On? Me neither.

But I do believe he just might be doing crack and hanging out at The Vauxhall Tavern on Sundays, hitting on gentlemen of a certain age. And it's so pretty when hitting on becomes making out with, and the gentleman of a certain age is one's houseguest.

After some dancing, Larry decided it was time to go ... we saw Corky, but no houseguest. "Come on, he's got keys and the address."

So we left the boys to play, south of the river and came home to a gourmet Kraft Dinner. This week's houseguest brought a half-dozen boxes, so we'll forgive him the crack whore. Maybe.

The door to the guest room is closed. I'm kinda scared that Corky might be in my house. Should I take in a pot of tea and ask what it was like to work with Miss Lu Pone?