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There is Life Outside Your Apartment Flat

Oh no, I'll be too busy working on Saturday to have any fun. Even if it is going to be the nicest day of the year.

Well, that was the plan.

Was just getting motivated to do my work this morning (late this morning) and decided, since I'd blown off Body Pump, "no, take some time for yourself, clear your mind, get some good London fresh air." So I put on some jogging togs, and got ready to go outside for a 30-minute walk/jog.

I asked Larry if he wanted to come with. He never comes with.

Fifteen minutes later we're walking down the street, "jogging" to the next streetlight (about 15 yards away). And then we walked. We chatted. We got a latte. We ended up down by the river and heading towards London Bridge, where someone had told him something about a market somewhere near there.

Four hours later, we're having a late lunch at the The Box and then buying Kinsey Sicks CDs at Dress Circle. An hour after that, we're in Soho and run into Rus and Moz, where pints are in order before they're off to see Kinsey. Coincidence?

A totally unexpected day. But then who would plan a 4-hour forced march across London?

You may have heard me say it before ... unplanned fun is always the best.

And now I'm ready for bed and it's not even 11pm on a Saturday night.

What happened?