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I Know Why the Caged Cat Sings

We ventured out to the country yesterday to check in on the two newest Meowschwitz inhabitants.

It wasn't as bad as I thought, or at least not as bad as it could be, but it's certainly not ideal. They're each in a fairly roomy cell caged-in area, all cement, lots of fresh air, with a view of a big field. The "bedrooms" are about 3'x4', and there's a metal door to a "run" area, which is a about 4' wide and 10' long. So they have room to walk around, lounge, etc. There's a wooden platform in the bedroom area, which has some blankets and a heat lamp overhead for when it's chilly (which, hello, it's London Surrey, so it's chilly most of the time).

I really couldn't tell if they recognized us. They were friendly enough, but was it because it was us or they were just wanting some human attention?

Cab was really chatty ... in a sad, nervous kind of way. Either that or he was reading me to filth. The girl who's helping to take care of him said he was all about the hissing the first couple days. In 6 years, I've never heard him hiss. He must've been really pissed or upset. Poor guy.

Gypsy is fat and friendly. I've asked if we can turn this into a spa treatment for her and perhaps have a little liposuction while she's there. She sat on my lap and I got a little purr out of her. Which made me happy, and sad. She should be home, happily ignoring me.

She passed her rabies titer test at the end of December, so we get her back at the end of June. Cab's ensconced until October 6. Totally sucks. I chatted with them a bit, told them I was sorry, and had a little cry with each of them. Sometimes I'm such a girl.

I'll go back soon (it's a schlep) and bring them toys and things from home that might make them more comfortable. And I'll make sure the camera battery is charged. Oops.

I told Larry that it probably wouldn't be too hard to sneak in and break them out. I've been thinking about it for a couple weeks, ever since I knew they were coming. He thinks I'm crazy for even having thought up the idea ... apparently it never crossed his mind. Such a Canadian banker ... always playing by the rules. I, however, thought the rebel way was only natural. Of course, the cat police would come looking for them at our place, so I'd have to move and go underground. But it'd be worth it.

Me and Harriet Tubman.