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This is the schnitzel of Christ, take eat.

Blanche, did you know we got Ratz in the Vatican?

Pennance is now four Achtung Marys


According to Reuters, "Before the conclave door shut on Monday, Ratzinger made a final appeal to his fellow electors to protect traditional teachings and to shun modern trends." And he's a real bridge builder, having "branded other Christian churches as deficient -- shocking Anglicans, Lutherans and other Protestants in ecumenical dialogue with Rome for years."

And wasn't it just this afternoon I read an email from someone very dear to me stating the pious were annoying her and they should be destoyed ... but she's going to do it in the name of God, so it's all okay.

Speaking of pie-ous, I'd like a slice of Bill Knapp's custard pie.

Bill Knapp's. Where in heaven did that come from??