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So Much Culture, So Few Petrie Dishes

Just when I thought it was safe to have a productive Friday afternoon, this pops into the bobzyeruncle inbox ....

I know you don't know Eurovision from a hole in the ground, but in
preparation for the onslaught, I will endeavour to educate you in the
ways of the EuroGay Vietnam.

First thing you must know: It's (almost) all about the key changes (NB ... scroll to April 17 entry).
Thirty nations doing pop songs (none of which can be any longer than
three minutes) and sending their campest and occasionally most (frankly)
disturbing 'turns' out for our entertainment.

We've had everything from Post-Op transexuals to drag Queens dressed up
as Flight attendants. Three years ago, Greece sent these boys,
which was nice. The leather and rubber outfits were completed by black
leather traditional boots with the pom-poms on, and they did that
traditional Greek shuffle-Dance thing. it was like Zorba the Greek goes
to Strictly Leather night at The Hoist! For the entire three minutes,
all I could smell was Amyl, Sweat and Cheap Vinyl.

In summary, It's like American Idol, but with less cultural pretension....


Apparently one of the hosts of the main event in Kyiv keeps a microphone in his pants.

Either that or he's very excited about the stiff competition in this year's event.

More details here and here.

Going the extra mile (I'm a giver), I did a little extra research to learn that the Mr. Microphone's real name is Volodymyr, he's a boxer, and he has a brother.