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Why on Earth?

I know, I could be out and about taking advantage of life outside my apartment flat, doing one of the million things listed in my version of Time Out London (in which, I sadly found nary an eating contest.

But no, I'm having my own night of me time (altough not quite as militant adamant about y'all being uninvited.

So it's me and the PowerBook, catching up on old friends (see links above ... and they're really not that old), and finding myself wondering how the geeks at Goooooogle choose their banner links.

I know, I've been asked before ... "just how does your brain work to come up with these questions??"

Case in point .... here is today's Google banner.


I'm only a little confused, because what do cartoonish inhabitants of the woods have to do with the anniversary of Shakespeare's birth *and* death (btw, Happy Bardsday, Bill) or the oft-debated celebration (or lack thereof) of St. George's day (still waiting on the "I killed a dragon and all I got was this random non-bank holiday" t-shirt).

Much to my surprise, I learned that today is also Earth day ... an event not widely advertised here on the little island we now home. Even more to my suprise is that Earth Day is 35 years old. That's almost a generation of tree huggers hurtling towards obscurity. Bless.

Do you think that the Earth Day folk new that it was Shakespeare's birthday? If so, wouldn't they have called it Globe Day?

The only Earth Day I can remember was more than a decade ago, standing in a crowded, sun-drenched Central Park, watching a free B-52s concert, thinking, "how cool would it be to live in New York?" (a quick Gooogle teaches me that said concert was in 1990, which was in fact a few years before I moved to New York).

Bottom line ... today is the anniversary of a whole bunch of stuff. So go kiss the earth, or brush up on your Shakespeare, or go slay a dragon. Roam if you want to.

I'm gonna go enjoy what's left of "me time."