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What, Me Worry?

What a weird day yesterday. I blame it on the full moon. Everywhere I looked, things seemed topsy-turvey.

My two favorite Aquarians both quit their rubbish jobs; one planned, one notsomuch. I got two whammies of news from the Buckeye State that set me into a little bit of a frenzy; one because it's a repeat of ridiculous drama gone bye and I don't have the resources to make it better, one because it's totally out of my control and I'm pretty much helpless.

Actually, it's all out of the circle of my control. And in the grand scheme of things, none of it's mine to fix. Yet here I type, wondering what I can do ... or should be doing, to help out those I love.

I guess one of the biggest things I've learned over the past several years of head-shrinking talking on the couch is that when something about someone else inordinately bugs you, look within and figure out what's going on inside yourself.

Oh ... so that would be: Career. Finances, Health. Family.

Nothing big.

Phew, and I thought I was worrying about important stuff. Like yesterday's moon, it's only a phase ... I hope.