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Heroin, with Numbers

A couple of weeks ago, I read something somewhere about a daily puzzle allegedly taking Britain by storm. Some crosswordy numbers game that was now running in all the papers.

I found one yesterday. It's called sudoku, which I believe is Japansese for "we will suck you into the vortex of seemingly simple ciphers and your life will no longer be your own."

Simple advice ... like smoking, don't start.

It's a straighforward little puzzle, with a 9x9 grid and some numbers scattered about. The sudoker then fills the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains the digits 1-9.

The Independent has 3, plus a contest puzzle, plus a "Quick Sudoku" on the last page. Wheee!

I think I've been gridlocked. On the bright side, maybe these little challenges will get me to start reading a paper again. I sort of miss the Gray Lady outside my front door every morning ... online is just not the same.