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Why U B So Mean :-(

"U R so naff"

"Gimme ur lunch £ now!"

"ur hair sux"

"U have as much talent as Myleene Klass"

Tough words indeed. And to get them as text messages on your mobile ... it can be earth shattering. I guess that's why Myleene Klass (who??) has launched the very informative and soothing www.stoptextbully.com.

And with this on every page, well gee, I'm sure the little victims feel better already ...

If you or someone you know is being bullied like this, or if you’re worried it might happen, this website will help you sort it!

I suppose it's a real problem ... but still. Come on kids, just don't read the stupid messages.

I wonder if I'd get if I'd get in trouble for sending this to Ms. Klass: u r just a kelly wannabe

Anybody got her number?