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The Morning After

Cycled into work this morning. Traffic seemed a bit heavier than usual, which is to be expected with some of the roads closed and trains not running. Still I managed not to hit anybody, even with all the extra policemen about.

If only George W. were so adroit.

Running a country ... it's as easy as riding a bike.

Went to get some lunch awhile ago and Broadgate is full of people in gym clothes and robes; seems one of local buildings is being evacuated. Police have cordoned off a side street.

Hmm, looking out the window I see the the square outside our building is filling up with people. No announcements here though ... and the blinds are back up. So we must be safe.

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Addendum, 15:15: The block party caused by the evacuation of Broadgate Circle has dispersed without incident. Nothing more to watch out the windows here ... everyone's gone back to drinking tea, making personal phone calls, and checking out missed connections on Gumtree.