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Kaboom -- Update 4

Was supposed to start my yoga course tonight, which I figured would be cancelled. But they said all systems go, so I hopped on the trusty bike, rode through a rainy Regent's Park and found myself in an oasis of zen at TriYoga. The class was just what I needed ... a gentle reminder to breathe, be present, have strong legs and only let yourself feel the sweet pain.

Thanks Louise ... you can push me into a deeper down dog anytime.

Had a very centered, relaxing cycle back to M2. The busses are running, everyone I know got home safely without (much) incident, people are wandering the streets, the pubs in Primrose Hill and Marylebone seem quietly active, and the air is fresh with the remnants of a summer shower. All things considered, I'm a lucky boy.

Y'all stay safe. People are crazy out there.