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Stockwell Shooting

Stockwell, hmm, just a stop away from the Dame Edna Experience. I only go there on Sundays.

The interesting thing to me is that the vast majority of the police I've seen since I've lived here don't carry guns.

Now they're undercover, holding the guy down and shooting 5 times. Wow. Martial law may have begun.

I remember when I first moved to NY, I was on the 1 or 9 train, heading uptown, reading a book and listening to my discman (we didn't have iPods way back then). The train had been stopped at the station for awhile, and all of a sudden these three guys ran into the train, put a gun to a guy's chest, told him not to move, cuffed him and took him off the train.

And then the train moved on to the next station.

Quelle monde.