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Cue the Go-Gos

The calendar tells me it's August in a few days. So why do I feel like summer never arrived?

Maybe it's the weather. Despite a, ahem, "heat wave" a couple weeks ago and a couple of nice days in the park, I never got my tanolicious groove on. Being able to see my breath today certainly didn't help.

Maybe it's this year’s lack of trips to our second home in Ptown, or visiting friends’ places down the Shore or in Southampton (or being on any warm, sandy stretch of seaside). Brighton was lovely, but was only a day trip and it's not really the beach, is it?

Alas, all that is to be rectified mañana, when we head off to Spain for the next 10 days. A pre-beach tour of Barcelona and then a week in Sitges. Never been to either place, and I’m totally psyched.

A beach and a pool, with healthy doses of reading and writing and resting. Unplugging from work for a while. Perhaps some pre-birthday assessment / goal setting. Plenty of navel gazing -- either mine or the boys on the beach. Maybe just hanging with some friends, having "just the one" cocktail, and finding myself in a few new adventures.

It's totally sin agenda, unless one counts the possibility of re-learning Canasta and the daily Scrabble games I've been promised. Btw, that’s sin as in "without", not "transgression" -- I've been brushing up on my Spanish. ¿Es bueño, no?

I'm so ready for a break. I want to come back tanned, recharged, refreshed, and ready to "go back to school."