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Shoot the Messenger

I hate having to send e-mails to the whole world (or at least an extended global distribution) saying “oops, we were given incorrect information, and here's an updated report.” Even though I'm not the one who created and signed-off on the original mis-information, I'm the one who has to disseminate it, and I have this nagging sense of responsibility.

I hate even more when compliance makes me send a second follow-up, reminding people that a) an error was made, and b) they need to cover their butts and resend the corrected data if they've used it externally (which they're not supposed to do).

I hate MOST, that when I realize that after sending the compliance-driven message, I immediately see that I've mispelled “externally”.

D'oh. Spell check before sending.

Oh well, it’s not like anybody reads globally distributed e-mails.

This too shall pass. On a day trip to Dublin today, and off to Prague tomorrow morning for the bank holiday.

Things I'll be missing in the States this weekend:

1. My mom's birtdhay.

2. Ruth Dickey's wedding.

My thoughts are with you both!