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Czeching In

I've spent some time with the ghost of Kafka and did not turn into a cockroach.

As a city, Prague is perhaps not quite as liveable as Barcelona, but I'll definitely be back. There's an energy that I can't quite yet describe ... almost haunted. The gothic towers and the sculptures on top of almost every building (not to mention the Charles Bridge) gave me the sense of being watched, or at least of being not alone, the whole time I was there. Not in a threatening way brave new world way, but in a connected, here's something to tap into and be creative way. There's a sense of art and community and vitality that seems to come out of a history of oppression.

Bottom line -- a beautiful city with friendly people, strong coffee and cheap beer.

Highlights included a 2-hour guided tour (not our tour company, but you get the idea) on a Segway and an hour of sensory deprivation in a floatation tank after a Thai massage.

Feeling a little post-holiday blah today. Need to tap into that "back-to-school" feeling. Maybe a new notebook or a some retro Pee-Chee folders. I wonder if there's a Mean Girls lunchbox? That would be so fetch.