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Room With(out) a View

Monday morning and I have a new perspective at work. Well, physically, at least. They moved my office over the weekend, and now rather than being in an open corner, looking at people playing on the square, I'm ensconced in a charming little office with a door, glass walls, and everything.

Picture 011.jpg

So I've traded a view for a little privacy, and the ability to play music without disturbing people. The speakers are back in play, and Cyndi is, at last, serenading me again at work.

Dame Edna gave one of the best shows yet last night. Kate Moss, serial killers and flood victims. No one was spared. And she's added "I Just Wanna Dance" to her repertoire. Brilliant.

A lovely weekend seeing all kinds of long-lost friends from across the pond. Denishoi and crew cruised in from Ptown (and NY and Dallas) and it was so good to see everyone, albeit way too short a visit. K&C are also in town, staying with us over this past weekend and next the next one as well, with a trip to lovely Cornwall sandwiched in between.

Even got a double-dose of DF in this week, and his phantom husband materialized for his once-a-decade social appearance. He's more lovely than we could ever have imagined, and insists on taking L to a football game. Bless. DF and I, on the other hand, will be attending Chariots races.

Not to be outdone on the local travel scene, we've booked a weekend to in Newcastle at the end of the month. Yup, living on the edge. Consensus says it'll be "f*ckin' freezing and nobody wears (owns?) coats."

My squash course begins tonight. I've never played, although I used to play racquetball many moons ago, back in New Orleans.

Sports class, oy. I'm a little apprehensive. All these memories of being a total sped in gym class, the too-tall clutz swinging a racket, missing the ball, hoping it doesn't hit me in the face.

Speaking of which, we were heading to Vauxhall yesterday and I told L that I'd decided on a couple things I want to get while at M2 to make it feel more "put together."

"A new tooth?" he asked.

"Um, thanks for bringing that up. I was talking about furniture; some new bookshelves and a nice liquor cart for the dining room. But yes, now that you mention it, I'm still self-conscious and want to get a bridge. I actually wouldn't mind getting all my teeth redone."

"Really?" he asked. "And not your nose?"

Thatís when I belted him. Who needs the nose job now?