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Try Before you Buy

I could tell you about how healthy I've been all week having 5 consecutive days of exercise (squash, weights, swimming) and not ingesting any bread, chips, crips, or booze. But retox is only a couple hours away, so I won't go there.

p230t.jpgInstead let me share this probing piece from Holy Moly!, which is way more important than what I haven't been putting into my body.

I'm sure it's a hoax, but can you imagine anyone who'd rent a dildo?!?

[cut to girl getting manicure]

"Gee Kina, I'm tired of the Ravenous Rabbit, but I really don't know what I want to pleasure myself with. And sex toys are kind of an investment for a single girl on a budget."

"Well Miss Connie, I heard about this website where, for about the price of a deluxe mani-pedi, you can try out a new, um, marital aid, and then return it after a month. Soak please."

"Really? That sounds perfect ... I do have a bad case of D.A.D.D. you know."

"Yeah, I miss my father too sometimes."

"No, I mean Dildo Attention Deficit Disorder. It's more common than you think. I'd like to go a little more pink this time."

"With your dildo?"

"No, silly. My nails."

[and ... scene]

Anywho ... word of warning ... these rentals are for VAGINAL use only. There is to be no butt pleasure with these here toys as of 3 days ago.

If you'd like to rent something to stick up your butt, there's always Manhunt, The Townhouse or Quebec.