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Queen Bea

I finished The Secret Life of Beesí penultimate chapter on the way home from the gym last night. Reading the last sentence, my eyes filled up and stung like Iíd just lost my dive mask 30 feet below the surface. Rather than get weepy on the tube (and risk a return to Notting Hill Gate), I stuffed the book in my bag got and ready to head above ground.

Sometimes itís the simplest of lines that break (and simultaneously fill) your heart.

With Larry off to bed, I curled up in the rocking chair and cracked open the last chapter, savouring the final pages like a vacation I didnít want to come home from. After the final page, I closed the book, gave it hug and had a nice little that-was-a-really-happy-ending cry.

I didnít mean to give the book a hug, but there I was, holding tight to Lily and August and June and May, and all the Daughters of Mary; very grateful to have spent the last several days with them.

I guess we can just file this one under www.iamsuchabigfag.com.

Next adventure is manly revisit to Nick, Jay and Daisy.

So we beat on Ö