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The Prodigal Son Returns

Gypsy has taken to the closet.

"What's that about?" you may wonder. Maybe it's because this one was released from Meowshwitz today.

Unexpectedly arriving a day early (who the hell is buzzing at 7am?), he wandered about scolding me for about 2 hours and has since usurpred the magic quilt. Miss Gypsy is so not having it, but it's good for her to practice her hissing, I suppose.

Don't get to comfy Cab, seems that our building's been put up for sale and the potential buyers don't want tenants. Our lease is up November 15 and the landlady doesn't seem keen on renewing it. Now, what was it I was bemoaning about lacking a sense of permanance? Fortunately, my sister, brother-in-law and their three kids are coming over for Thanksgiving week. So if we have to move house, at least we've got workers. No such thing as a free lunch turkey dinner.

A month ago, this just might have sent me over the edge. But hey, what can you do? Shit happens. Ohm shanti ohm.