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Writing the Waves of Change

I'm a little out of commission on the blog front lately, but all is well.

Oxford Stret is totally done up for Christmas. Lights, bows, the works. It's like London decided to dress up as December for Halloween.

Lease is signed on the new place. Movers come this Monday to pack up M2 and then move us into the new Thomas' English Muffin flat (tons of nooks and crannies) on Tuesday. So that's pretty much sorted.

My PowerBook ate the new Franz Ferdinand CD, so it's in the shop. The Vaio says "can't find operating system" and, when I reboot with a system recovery disk, it says "can't find fixed drive." Methinks the Sony has a fried hard drive, so oh well on that.

Work laptop doesn't seem to like my Interweb connection at home and bobzyerunlce.com is now blocked. Hence the lack of posting.

Should be back up and running normally next week

And since there's nothing going on this month, I decided to suck it up and try this. 50,000 words in a month, when I've got family coming in for a week, a move to get through, and work's never more schizophrenic. What better time than to vomit on the page in the name of fiction-writing.

Been up at 6am for 3 days now, meeting my goal of 2,000 words first thing in the morning. Verbal bulemia can be fun.

Have no idea what I'm doing, or where the plot will go, but it's a trip to just get up and write, internal editor hogtied away in the attic.

Maybe I'll have the movers leave him there.