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Terror in the White House Television

I just came home from a writing-in-the-coffee-shop afternoon to find Larry watching what could be the worst Lifetime-esque movie ever.

Joan Van Ark is the Vice President of the United States. It's not a comedy. With the White House under siege, she's hiding kitchen. She just took out a bad army guy by jumping on a metal cart and ramming him into the walk-in freezer. She's now stalking the hallways, brandishing his M-16.

One can only imagine she's off to shoot her plastic surgeon.

And I thought I was worried about creating a believable plot for the Nanowrimo experiment.

In other news, Jonathan Woss had Harry Potter on last night. Ding dong adorable. If there are any NAMWLA (North American Man Wizard Love Assocition) members out there, Master Radcliffe is becoming kind of adorable.

I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin' ...

:: :: ::

And in a move from horrible to horrific, Larry has changed the channel. He's now watching From Justin to Kelly.

I'm cancelling Sky.