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Settling In nICEly

It's official. I love the new flat. And its name it TEM (sounds like the river, but is an acronym for an American breakfast treat with nooks and crannies ... wait till you see it, it's a cornucopia of hidden space). It already feels homier than the old place did after nearly a year. I have a nice Anne Frank room to hide in. There's a club house/panic room hidden in the hall closet (and that's not even the Anne Frank room). The master bathroom is Narnia.




And here's the best part ...


I know, how disgustingly American ... but it makes me sooooo happy. Almost as happy as watching (and rewatching) Weeds. I think it's just brilliant ... a perfect little (too) short story every episode, with nary a word wasted.

Broadband has been turned on (a day late) and the wireless is working perfectly. I'm sitting at the kitchen table right now, looking out over the square (B this time, not M), thinking I should try to catch up on my word count for Nano (didn't get anything written yesterday, nor today so far).

I'd complain about work, but why bother. At least I have a job. This week.

I ordered a nice fresh, organic, soon-to-be-dead turkey this morning for Thanksgiving. 7-8 kilos is what they tell me I need. I'd settle for an 8-ball.

Can't wait for the clan to get here in 13 days.

Have I mentioned that I love the new place? Come see for yourself!