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Thanksgiving Leftovers

A quick check-in to report:

* BT Broadband is on the top of my feces-list for unacceptable customer service. Remember when I said all was up and running? It up and ran away. I've been without broadband at home for a couple weeks. Still no access at work (except for the double-secret workaround I discovered today)

* Family has come and gone in all-too-fast visit (for me at least ... I expect the kids will be glad to get back to their routines and own beds, but I surely enjoyed having them around)

* My overpriced bird turned out very well (as did my pies), if I do say so myself, and the meal seemed to be a success. Especially for the wine store. Best stuffing ever.

* Bath is beautiful. Stonehenge is, well, windy and cold.

* Impossibly behind on my nano word count, and while I officially haven't thrown in the towell, it's not looking like I'll be a "winner."

* Work beckons (and is still just a skosh above miserable).

More later (if I ever get real access to the Internet again).