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Bah Humbug, No That's Too Strong

Hear ye, hear ye. The season has officially begun. I just heard Christmas Wrapping for the first time of the season.

24 years later (oh.my.god. can that be true?) and those silly saxophones still make want to dance around the house. And maybe stuff a stocking ... or something.

Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, I wouldn't miss this one this year.

We bought ornaments and lights for the tree last weekend (silver and red theme this year, multi-colored lights). This weekend we get our first English Christmas tree. I'm so hoping it comes with a nice Dickensian ghost.

:: :: ::

In other news, Christmas came early for Mr. Starling last night. Maybe he can find a new shed, turn it into a sleigh, rebuild it with a chimney and drop his check inside.

Turns out there are other ways to get big paydays besides "research-driven" art. You can try to kill yourself, and then hope that the ambulance gets there too late to save you, which means you'll have brain damage and can sue for $4.8million.

That's what she did.

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Because you care about my new life as a baker, I can modestly report that my bread turned out fab.u.lous.

my first loaf

Come on over for a fresh, hot, chewy slice. I'll even toast it and melt some butter on it for you.