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OCD for $300

IT has set up my Blackberry so that it has a password, which must be entered nearly everytime I use it. Security and all because my emails contain deep dark branding secrets that must be password protected.

Or something.

Anyway, the password is simple enough ... a 7 letter word with no tricky numbers, special characters or capitalization requirements.

Lately, I realize that whenever I key it in, I say each of the seven letters to myself ... like I'm silently spelling.

i ... d ... i ... o ... t ...

I've tried to trick myself by saying x ... x ... x ... x when I press each letter, to see if I can type in the word without saying the individual letters.

Mind you, I'm not saying the letters out loud, or even moving my lips (at least I don't think I am).

Anybody else do this? When you type, do you mentally say the words you're typing? Do you think of the letters that you're typing, one keystroke at a time? I find myself right now saying the words to myself, like I'm silently dictacting this post and my fingers are just typing the words, but I'm not consciously spelling.

Our new front door has a key pad instead of a lock and key. Again, 7 digits and and I find myself saying the numbers when I press them in. I wonder if I'll get to the point where I just press the numbers in a pattern without thinking of the individual digits. Same with a PIN at the ATM or a passcode for voicemail on my office phone.

What do you do ... patterns or individual numbers?

Do you dictate to yourself when you write?

Are you silently reading these words or are you just recognizing patterns and understanding the code?

Am I just a plain nutcase for thinking about such things?