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When You Least Expect It

I had an impromptu audition interview yesterday.

It went really well and I'm already thinking of things I could do in the role job. It would be challenging, a little bit of a stretch, and the director woman who interviewed me (and would be my boss) seems really great.

I thought I'd be there for a cursory screening, 30 minutes tops. Turned out to be just under a 2-hour visit. About 90 minutes into it, she asked me what I thought.

"Well, I have some good feelings and some bad feelings. The good is that it's a very exciting opportunity, I'm a great fit for the job, and it seems like there's just enough momentum started that it's the perfect time to jump on the roller coaster before it takes off. The bad news is I really thought I wanted to have a couple months off work to just take it easy, maybe get my next scuba certification, and figure out what my next job would be. But you're going to need someone pretty much right away."

"You scuba dive?" she asked? And we proceded to spend the next 15 minutes comparing dive sites. Seems that that the Indian ocean is the place to be.

It's totally reminding me of when I used to audition. I guess the trick now is to just put it behind me and wait for the next one. How many times did I go to a reading and think, "I totally nailed it, I'm gonna get cast and next year's Obie will be mine."

Still, it's nice to be jazzed about the potential for some exciting work. And it would be a very good job. Weird thing is, I totally wasn't looking for it.