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You Spin Me Right Round

Dear Deity,

Thanks for letting so many cute boys come out to spin class tonight. And thanks for Hannah. I think I have my first non-sexual crush on an aerobics teacher since, well, forever.

Oh, and special thanks for that blonde guy, Mr. Glutesy McGluterson, with the glistening beefy shoulders. You know, the one whom I sat behind, just a little to the left. Ding Dong Adorable.

Couldn't really tell which team he played for at first, what with all those rugby-like muscles and stern demeanor. The shorts were a little short and tight, and the gays seem to be wearing a bit more loose-fitting attire these days. The Abercrombie vest reads gay in the states, but about 5 years ago (maybe he's retro metrosexual). And the highlights ... well, it's London and there's more hair color here than there are red busses.

Oh that Hannah ... she was clearly there to help with my enlightenment. During the final race, she turned the lights down low, cranked up the volume on the high-RPM track, and the disco lights started flashing. He with the ass o'death reached into his fanny pack, pulled out a bottle of poppers and sprinted into a big Falcon finish.

Who needs DTPM? I've got spin class.