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Dreamin' Right Where I Belong

I had the best intentions of running tonight, but knew that by the time I got home, I'd be hard pressed to change clothes and go out for 3-5 miles in the dark. So I went to spin instead. It worked Monday night, so why not?

What a difference a day makes. No eye candy. The instructor was not nearly as energetic or motivating. She seemed more like the class was a bother and that we were just there to keep up with her own workout. And the music sucked.

That is, until the last hill. After a half-hour of hip hop and alleged high-energy electro-trance ("find the beat!" "press, press"), a track came on with a very interesting electronic guitar riff. And I liked it.

About a minute in, the vocal softly came into play. Something about dreaming. That's a little familiar, but out of context. Like seeing your friend's dad in a bathhouse. No, wait that's a different story.

And then the real vocals kick in ...

Love, life and laughter, is all I believe

Hey, I know this. But what's this kicky new remix? Mid-90s dance classics with an electric guitar overlay?!? Fantastic.

The last hill was a kick in the ass, but I dug in and finished strong. And then I jumped off my bike and lied to the lovely lady. "Hey, really great class. What's the story on the Dreamer remix? I've never heard it."

I think I'll be hearing it a lot over the next few weeks. And for your listening (or spinning, dancing, running, dusting, whatever) pleasure, here it is.

Turns out it's on a new collection from Tokyo Project, which is now at the top of my shopping list.

Not only did it help me finish strong, but it got me on the treadmill for 25 minutes aftwards. Spin plus a 25-minute run a decent clip.

Paul McKenna says he will make me (and the rest of Britain) thin. I think double cardio sessions might help him out.

Only problem now is I've got way too many endolphins swimming around and will never get to sleep.

And if I do get to sleep, I might pick up the serial dream I left this morning. Something about me having killed a person (I'm not sure who or why, but it seems that the dastardly deed was done in a previous episode), ditched their car in a river, and am now close to being caught. There's a big scary quiet man stalking me (Adewale will play him in the film), and all signals point the fact he knows.

Not to worry. Pip awaits (he's just found out he's going to be a gentleman, bless) and if i get really ansty, Esther Blodgett Maine (can you believe I've never seen it?) is quietly waiting to be viewed.