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Short-timers Syndrome

It's like Alzheimers, only different.

Symptoms inlcude advanced procrastination and lack of drive. For example

  1. You look at your to-do list and think there must be a better way to organize it.
  2. With that in mind, you go to the usual haunts (43 Folders, 43 Folders Google Group, David Allen) to see what new tricks you might be missing.
  3. You spend 20 minutes free-writing on what it means to define the next action, and wondering if your to-do list is really a true list of next actions or just a bunch of projects that need to be better defined.
  4. You write a therapeutic dialogue with yourself and spend a good 15 minutes setting up paragraph styles so that Word automatically types one paragraph in one font, and the next in another.  Because if you're having an internal dialogue, the fonts should naturally be different for each of the two characters who embody conflicting mind sets.
  5. Your head spins because you think about adding a third character (mind set) into the banter.
  6. You do web research on diagnosing headaches because that gasket that got blown during last week's workout still throbs a little.  Sometimes more than others.  It's like a poppers headache, but just on one side of my head.  I so had a stroke.

Helpful hint:  If you find yourself laid off and you have an option of staying on for 6 extra weeks or just saying "thank you and I can show myself out," find the door.  These last few weeks have become rather tedious ... and motivation is (understandably?) well, non-existent.

Next Tuesday it's all over.  It can't come quickly enough.

I'm ready to begin again.

:: :: ::

And the road to new beginnings is slowly being paved. Got good news from the lawyer helping out with my new visa ... she seems to think one of the 18,942 documents I have to provide will meet the Home Office's requirements.

And at the gym tonight I made it a little closer to my goal of swimming 30 minutes non-stop. Did a set of 5 minutes, 6.5 and 10, wiht only short rests in between. Probably not a big accomplishment for most, but it wasn't long ago I couldn't do two laps without having to huff and puff to catch my breath.

Baby steps.