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Dot's Entertainment

I think Larry tried to give me his cold, but my regimen of vitamin C and echinacea seems to have thwarted the snot onslought. Or maybe it was maezinha's prescription of hot tea with honey. Or perhaps it's true that laughter is the best medicine and spending the afternoon with my old pals Philip and Gilbert have me giggling the cold away. Either way, I'm ready for the weekend.

Mom has come and gone, and we had a lovely visit. In fact, she was nearly speechless as to how much fun she had, the only words she could utter being cool, unique, awesome and different. I think she's experiencing some sort of Gidget past-life regression. Cool.

MAK's arrived, is happily napped and recovered (not that he was uncovered) and we'll be commencing the calvalcade of celebration tongight with visit to the Menier Chocolate Factory (where astute readers might remember I cracked a tooth some 8 months ago). I'll avoid the cafe's crunchy corn chowder and seek some something more Sondheimish -- perhaps some alphabet soup?

All this festivity has not kept me away from the ever-important job hunt. Had an interview yesterday for a position I'd very much enjoy (it's a versatile role), and the intitial feedback was a call back. Next step is to meet a couple more people, "pass their test" and then perhaps meet some more future colleagues. Keep your fingers crossed ... I'd really like to nab this one.

Off to spend Sunday in the Park with George, then perhaps an encore of Thursday in the Pub with Matt and Nick and Ed. Come join us for pointed discussion.