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She's Learned How to Fly

Well I only nailed some of the lyrics, but I still want to have a beer with this one ...


Quelle concert. Okay, so she went low on a couple of the high notes that I was hoping for, but she puts on a great show. His best girl just might end up being a real rock and roller.

But the real show is always the audience. I especially loved the geeky pre-teen girls on the sidelines; singing along, waving their glow sticks, pointing to and laughing at my "DUMP HER" t-shirt, and paying absolutey no attention to their escorts dads (who sadly were much younger than I and didn't seem to know one lyric). I hope they all grow up to be rock stars (or whatever they want to be), just like our Kelly. And good on her for not becoming all skinny for the tour. Some of the queens at the show were calling her Belly Clarkson. Feh.

Grow up Heather, bulimia's so '87.