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Almost Legal

First things first ... Happy Birthday Dad!

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Matt's gone, which makes me sad. But with every dark cloud, the universe sends a little recompense.

My HSMP application has been approved. That's a big yay. Now I have to apply for a change to my remain to leave, which means the Home Office is gonna hold on to my passport for 3 weeks while they process the next application. Bummer, what if I want to go on a quickie holiday before my new job starts?

"What new job?" you ask.

Well, don't really have one, but a couple possibilities are shaping up.

Had my second interview at Potential Job A (PJ-A) today. Actually, it was a 2nd and 3rd interview. I'd met with the hiring manager last week and today met with one of her senior people and the man who used to have her role and now heads up an adjacent department. I was told he'd be a tough one ... a nice guy but tends to "throw fast balls during interviews."

I loved his fastballs, which included "what's the last piece of art you bought?" and "what did you think of the last theater you saw?" He's a strong believer that even the most staunch of corporate firms need more creativity on the branding/marketing front and he says he's amazed that more people don't feel that way. I love it when a "tough" interview turns into a bonding session over color and light.

And both of the people I talked to this afternoon are SCUBA divers, which is cool as well.

Fingers crossed. This would be a very challenging, but incredible opportunity. I really want it.

I have a second interview at PJ-B next week, which would also be an amazing opportunity. In my gut, I feel more connected to PJ-A, but I've only met the HR, excuse me, "recruitment" guy at PJ-B, so it'll be interesting to meet the US-based gentleman I'd be working for.

Either way, things are moving in the right direction.