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Yesterday's adventures were brought to us by the letter "T".

Tate Modern -- The fifth floor is closed for rehanging and so much of the good stuff isn't on display. The best part of the day was stalking a group of schoolkids (about 8-10 years old) and listening to their teacher prompt them to discuss Embankment and The Snail. He was brilliant and they were adorable.

Tower of London -- The ravens are gone. I was really disappointed, especially because I'd been telling the first-timers that they were the best part of the show. Legend has it that if the ravens leave the Tower, the Tower and London itself will crumble into some swirling abyss of a Dr. Who black hole. Our beefeater assured us that this won't be the case. The birds are safely quarrantined, awaiting avian flu vaccinations.

Thermal Fleece -- It was freezing out.