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FastR Pussycat: Kill Kill Kill (time)

I think this month's full moon has made me a little more restless and ADD-ish than usual.

I've been thinking I need a new project to get me into flow. Apparently the job search (or rejection ... but more on that later), creative writing, interview preparation, marathon training (haven't run for 2 weeks ... too cold), and playing tourist/tour guide has left me a little unfulfilled.

All that changed this during the past hour or so as I found myself addicted to a new time waster creative challenge.

Fastr. Seems like I'm good at it as well. I just lost an hour, but won each round that I played. What does that tell me?

1. I'm easily amused?
2. I'm adroit at finding the words that connect photographic images?
3. I have too much time on my hands?

And, bonus, each game only lasts a fraction of the time it takes to play online Scrabble.

Okay, off to the steamroom gym.