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Happy Accident

I was buttering a slice of toast and accidentally knocked over the sugar bowl. Damn.

Immediately cleaning up my mess (because we all know how tidy I am), I noticed some sugar on my toast. Yuck. My mid-morning snack was ruined.

But wait ... didn't mom used to make cinnamon toast? Yes, we had a white Tupperware shaker filled with just the right blend of sugar and cinnamon, and we'd sprinkle it on hot buttered toast (probably white bread at the time). When did I forget about this taste treat?

Hmmm. I have cinnamon. I clearly have sugar (and not just what's on the counter and floor). I have bread (not white, thanksverymuch). I have a toaster, and butter. There’s no Tupperware shaker, but there is that empty ramekin sitting in the cupboard.

There's still sugar on the floor, but I've had three slices of cinnamon toast and Tesco’s scheduled to deliver more bread soon.