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Hot, Wet, Smooth and a bit Slippery

Gypsy sat and stared at me to do with what can only be described as feline incredulity. Her look was like me watching people pay money to sit through a Celine Dion carwreck concert. Or perhaps the rest of the thinking world when America re-elected W into office a couple years ago.

What was I doing that shocked my kitty into disbelief?

I was sitting in a bathtub, soaking away in blissful relaxation with the help of some Lush products. She sat on the carpet just outside the tiled bathroom floor, sitting and staring, with a face saying, ďSoak in water?!? Iíd rather go back to Meowschwitz and be forced to watch dog porn.Ē

I havenít enjoyed a proper bath in months. In fact, Iíve not had one in this flat since we moved in. Thereís a nice shower in the master bedroom, so I donít use the second bath that often, and when I do, Iíve showered. Turns out itís a great bathtub. The water pressureís a bit dodgy (takes 20 minutes to fill the tub), but itís worth the wait.

I donít know if it was the cardamom in my Elixir, or just being extra relaxed after this afternoonís ďgive me back my centerĒ yoga class, but I swear that somebody fed me a couple valium. I havenít felt so relaxed in ages.

Turns out that I had the old version of Elixir ... the one with the heroin blue glitter. So now it looks like a Smurf melted in my tub, but oh well. I will gladly continue to sacrifice a Smurf to enjoy this feeling.