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Say Keys

I'd give my eye teeth to be able to play piano. I think handsome Daniel De Borah* may have said the same thing at one point.

For all of the dramatic faces he pulled during this afternoon's lunchtime concert at Wigmore Hall, we never once saw his teeth. Even during the encores, his smiles (which were very cute, if not maybe a little smug) were tightlipped.

Clearly it wasn't a case of too much botox (is 25 too young for filler?), otherwise his eyebrows and forehead wouldn't have been able to take on the animatronic/Klingon quality they did. Sometimes I wondered if it was his pretty little fingers playing the Steinway or if perhaps he was willing the concert into the keys via telekinetic energy.

But other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, the concert was divine.

* Any bets on his drag name being Deborah?