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Happy Memorial Day

In the last 24 hours I've had about 6 people tell me I haven't blogged for awhile and they're starting to worry. Rest assured, I'm alive and well (according to medical and psychological reports ... but they said that about Shabaz, didn't they?).

Actually, I'm in a secluded encampment in North London, being held by Endemol as a replacement houseguest. I'm going into the Big Brother house this week to slap the shit out of Needy and to knock the alleged sexual terrorist (aka affected nelly bully) down a few pegs. The world needs to see that not all gays are like him, either. He's a rare breed: a Canadian that I don't like (now there are two).

So, long time no post. I've got a few interviews lined up over the nexxt couple weeks. Still trying to decide what I want to do with this next segment of "The Scenic Route" of my little journey. Will probably go back to corporate for a few years, if they'll have me. Would be good to get out of debt so that I can live a life of artistic freedom (aka sitting at home eating Pringles and watching DVDs).

I'm enjoying my creative writing class, but nothing's really post-worthy yet. Having some fun trying to figure out just how precocious a little girl can be and still be realistic. Anyone with experience of 8-12 year old girls that would like to give insight, let me know. She's also trying to process a recently dead mom, so if anybody has insight on that (from an 8-12 years old girl's perspective) drop me an email.

Other updates:

Wooden and boring.

Light, airy and hysterical.

Beautifully staged and way more depressing (and relevant) than I'd remembered.

A little long but lovely.

Reality can be fiction (or vice versa).

Will see this next week.

I'm more than a little nervous.

And I'm off for a bank holiday day trip.