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It's Bitchin' to be Twitchin'

pete_profile_185_194.jpgAmerican readers, meet Pete

He's got Tourrette's. He's one of the 14 new members of the Big Brother house who'll be waving their freak flag with abandon during the next 13 weeks. Endemol has put together a cast that could cause the most twisted of sketch comedy groups to wonder, "have we gone too far?"

This can't be for real, I thought as I watched the rest of the housemates join him and the slaggy Bonney (pronounced bon-neigh, as in what a horse says) in what's sure to be a summer of train-wreck telly. They just got more vile as the night wore on. Except maybe for Lisa. Does anybody else see an odd connection between the way he acts and a horrible Jim Carrey character?.

Could they be more annoying? Sure ... add Russell Brand to the mix.