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Tattooed Record Boys

Remember Ron, the guy from grade school who I met on the plane coming back from Milan? He recently sent me some pictures which have introduced me to my new boyfriend.

That's cute little Ron on the left, keeping Eric Himan, *sigh*, company at Long Beach Pride a couple weeks ago. He's a singer/songwriter and is playing various venues around the States this summer. Hope he comes here soon.

Ron's also recommeded Levi Kreis for a listen. Seems Levi and Eric were (are?) touring together. The tracks I've found are really easy on the ears. Nice and soothing on a post-marathon, rainy day. (Yes, I'm still talking about the marathon ... when I can walk down stairs again, I'll shut up.)

In other news, I'm pleased to report my favorite mad Irishman, Derek, has joined the blog fray with Valley of The Trolley Dolleys. Give him a read, he'll be sure to entertain.

I am so looking forward to some post-potable posting from him. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.