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Point and Tuck

Season Six of The West Wing arrived yesterday, so I really don't have a lot to say. Today's recommended minimum daily word count has been logged at Valley of the Trolley Dollies, where I'm guest blogging during Derek's rehabilitation post-nuptial holiday. The official honeymoon is later on in the year, this is just some "time off for rest and relaxation." Like I said ... rehab.

So the only thing new and exciting here is that I woke up the other morning to see a couple helmeted guys hanging from ropes and harnesses outside the bedroom window. Hmm, when did the downstairs neihbors were running a mountain climbing school?

Turns out they're tuckpointing the back of the building, getting ready for it to be painted. During the hottest week of the year ... nice planning on their part, et? Oh, the shirtless one is sorta yummy, in a dusty, sweaty, agile, workmanlike, hanging-in-a-harness kind of way. Maybe he'd like to come in for a cool shower. Or something.

Eduardo just called. He's officially on holiday. My liver weeps.