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Hot Diggety

I've been thinking about holding a summer party in the garden/square/toddler nudist camp across the way. Not being sure of the rules here, I wanted to make sure it was okay.

Landlord said he didn't know the rules, but he knew there'd been cocktail parties in the past. He wasn't sure about cooking though.

And as if by magic, the precedent has been set. There's a big gathering out there now. The hubbub of Pimms' induced chatter and cackling girls shrieking after too many wine spritzers and alcopops. Amateurs.

Not sure of the date, but it will most likely be a Saturday afternoon/eveining in mid-August. Let me know if you can come play. I really hope we can cook. I haven't made Quail Burgers* in forever.

:: :: ::

*Quail burgers are a culinary treat found by my dad, years ago when he worked in Southern California. Take a hot dog. Cut a lengthwise slit, about half-way deep into the dog. Stuff a dill pickle spear and two strips of American cheese into the slit. Wrap in bacon (that's streaky American bacon, for the Brit readers), which is held in place with toothpicks. Grill. Serve on a bun.

Of course, if they were at Crif Dogs (what happened to their website?), they'd be deep fried, but that would just be decadent.

Mmmm, Crif Dogs + Quail Burgers = Heaven in a Bun