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Ship Shape (ish)

What a perfectly lovely weekend. It still twinges to swallow, but at least things are moving in the right direction.

Connie (see multiple references if you need a catch up) arrived Friday night. Always good to see friends from (the previous) home here in the new big city. We were just hanging on Old Compton Street (as one does) watching the cute boys pass by, when I was forced to halt the parading of two especially cute ones. (Hmmm, why can't I find Stair's link?)

Yesterday was a bit of shopping (the clerk at Topman says, "this is quite a good haul"), walking about and the most amazing dinner at Levant. Delicious Lebanese food with a delectable Spanish waiter.

So all this salt water Iíve been gargling has made me miss the sea. What to do? Why not fly to Nice and get aboard a lovely 5-masted sailing vessel for a week-long Mediterranean cruise?

Yup, Iím typing in my lovely stateroom on the Windsurf. That noise you hear behind the curtain? Thatís Larry snoring. How cool is it to have a teeny lounge and then a sleeping chamber thatís behind two burgundy velvet curtains? There so needs to be a show in cabin 314. Iíve already played ďDrowsy ChaperoneĒ and am working up a couple numbers.

We left Nice about 5 hours ago, had a beautiful ride down the coast down to Monaco, and are now headed on smooth open waters to St. Tropez.

Too tired to deal with any pictures just yet, but trust me. Itís lovely. I have a 7:30am date at the pool in the for my check-out dive, and will be Scuba-doing with the fishes later on in the week. Itís going to be an amazing trip.

Feels so good to be back on the water. Only trouble is the accents of the fellow passengers. I wonder how long itíll take us to get used to hearing mostly Americans. So loud. So nasal.

The company who booked the charter is based in Ft. Lauderdale, and thereís a big Florida contingent on board. There are only about 250 passengers. So far Iíve recognized two. One from Ptown/Lauderdale (heís here on the ďguest relationsĒ crew) and on who used to do stand up in New York and Ptown that Iíd met through a Ptown friend 7 or so years ago. Small world.

Well, one more walk around the deck, just to check out the stars, then I'll join the snore monster. Half seven is just round the bend.

St. Tropez. Sheesh. Who'd have thunk it.