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Windsurfing Along

I started my day by penetrating an old wreck.

Then I got off Larry and went for a scuba dive.

I'm not much for wreck dives, but you take what you can get here on a limited diving menu. It was lovely. Only about 40 feet deep, the boat was 140 feet long and totally in tact. Lots of plant life has grown on it since it sunk 10 years ago, just off the eastern coast of Corsica. Not tons of fish, but I did see a good-sized yellow scorpion fish and a couple of .... grrr, can't remember their names. Little things that look like gobies but each have a flower-like growth on them. I'll consult with Ben (our Canadian dive master who loved wiggling with all the boys at yesterday's tea dance, singing along to every word of each 70s camp disco classic the DJ managed to find) and get back to you.

The clear blue water was just over 80 and the visibility was about 100 feet. Amazing. Not the most remarkable dive we've ever had, but still so good to be weightless and just drifting underwater.

Tomorrow is an "at sea" day, although we haven't left the boat yet (except for the dive). Why wander the alleys of St. Tropez when there's a pool and bar service on the boat? Besides, we were parked (anchored?) next to P. Diddy's yacht (apparently he's in the hood for one of Pam and Kid Rock's weddings), and I was afraid I'd run into on the street and have to tell him how horrible he was in "Raisin in the Sun" a few years back.

Most of the ship is exploring Porto Vecchio today. We came back from the dive, read a little, had lunch and then practiced our napping skills. Nice.

Tonight we sail out of France and into Italian waters. In honor of this event, we're having a late night toga party and midnight skinny dip. Be afraid. There's maybe 6 men on this boat you'd want to see naked in (or out of) a pool of water, and odds are they're not going to be the one's doffing togas.

Last time I went to a toga party, I used a tablecloth that had a circle cut out of the middle (to allow for the table's built-in centerpiece). We made "peek-a-boo" togas. They were quite the attention getters. I doubt I'll be that creative or festive this evening. And I'm older now ... I'm not seeking that much attention these days. But then again, I haven't started drinking yet.