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Naked Sticks

Nudibranches. That's what I saw yesterday on the wreck. Two yellow ones and a white one with purple doohickeys.

Turns out nudibranch is a fancy name for sea slug. Interesting ... one can pour salt on a slug to make it shrivel up and die, not unlike the Wicked Witch of West once Dorothy tossed that fateful bucket of water. But these slugs are different. They live in the brine, so salt doesn't make them fizzle. Okay, maybe not so interesting.

I went to bed before there was any nudie fizzling last night. The toga party was fun. Larry couldn't be arsed to go because he thought the whole idea was ridiculous. Which, in fact. it was but still it was a good laugh. Tonight's a 70s-style Studio 54 party. He wouldn't put on a toga, but let's see how quickly he'll transform into Liza.