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Happy Birthday, Mom

"Who are you? Who am I? Why is that cake on fire?"*


Help! Someone quick! Blow out the candles before my blog catches on fire.

Y'all send some love out to the crazy lady who made me.

:: :: ::

Early flight to New York tomorrow, so we need to be at LHR for 6am. Yikes. Very excited to see everyone back in the City, as well as getting to see [tos] *and* a second viewing of Drowsy Chaperone.

Fed the masses tonight with Chicken Carbonara and garlic bread. Marathon traveling requires carbohydrate loading, yes?

I stocked up on available-only-in-UK treats and they're all packed away, so those who ordered should finally have their mailboxes (and stomachs) full by mid-week. But hey, if I'd mailed them from here, you still wouldn't have gotten them so it all works out. Well, unless customs gets hold of the luggage.

Oh! I was concerned about the ailing Blair and just checked bbc.com. Euan still seems to be doing okay. The Pepto Bismal has darkened his stool a bit, but we're told that is normal. Cherie's hair hasn't held up too well. Tony is well relieved.

BBC also reports that "Euan hit the headlines as a 16-year-old when he was arrested for being drunk and incapable."

Incapable of what? Can you really get arrested for that? I run into incapable people several times a week. Can one make citizen's arrests in the UK? So much to find out when I return.

But for new, over and out till we get to the States. Wish me luck on my strip search.

:: :: ::

And once again, Happy Birthday, Ma.

* There will about 6 people I know who'll get that reference. And to each of you I say, "keep your eyeball on the highball."