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Live, From New York ...

Yesterday's journey was perhaps the easiest international flight I've had in the last 7 years. If the rest of this week's flights go half as easily, I'll be a lucky, lucky boy.

I didn't think that there'd be much of a problem at LHR, especially given that it was very early on a Bank Holiday Sunday. Security was a breeze and then we hung out in the Admiral's Club, which (if I can get all Tyler Brulé for a minute and crawl up my own ass), pretty much a much sucks compared to the BA Executive Club lounge.

... and we digress ...

Does anybody read Tyler’s column in the Weekend FT? Missy’s getting awfully pre.ten.tious of late. Although his call on Flat White was right on the money.


Anyway, we made it to the gate in plenty of time and didn’t have to go through the secondary screening. We played “find the air marshal” but were unsuccessful. I’m still convinced it was one of the three Orthodox Jews (it'd be an excellent cover, no?) who asked if they could board the plane early for their morning prayers.

The bemused gate attendant’s answer was concise. “Not a chance.”

So they headed to the wall, as if they were kindergartners told to stand in the naughty corner. They paced and rocked, wrapped their arms in tefillins, donned shawls, and went about their ritual.

I wonder if Southern Baptists holding a mini pre-flight revival would be equally undisturbed.

At least one family in the lounge had clearly not seen such a practice. Mouths agape, they couldn't draw their attention back to their previously compelling Sudoku books.

I leaned over to one of the curious kids while the old man was binding his upper arm and whispered, "keep watching, once his vein pops he'll take a nice injection of heroin. But it's for Jehovah, so it's cool."

And that was the only excitement. No turbulance, decent food, a good movie, restful naps, and some entertaining reading. The luggage handlers at JFK were on the ball ... we were only in baggage claim about 10 minutes when the conveyor belt started rumbling. Our bags were in the first dozen out.

So all's good. It's muggy as fuck, but that's why air-conditioned cinemas were invented. Our hotel room is teensy but trendy. Got to have an all-too-short visit with the always-demure Jodi last night and am seeing a bunch of old friends tonight. Not that I've known them a long time, they're just old. Not entirely true ... I've known them almost a dozen years now.

The second half of the Emmy's were boring. The blonde chick from Grey's Anatomy did an excellent Charlize Therzon impersonation. Mariska Hargitay is best actress ... really?!? Was anyone else surprised about that one? I guess I need to watch the US version of The Office. I think I might have a little crush on him.

Television commercials are, for the most part, so much better on this side of the ocean. But not worth moving back for.

Saw Little Miss Sunshine this afternoon (to escape the humidity) and really liked it. Had heard nothing about it, and it was a very simple, pleasant surprise. "Jesus Was Wrong."

So there's the news. Live from New York, it's Monday afternoon. Oh, Amy Poehler called. She couldn't get Dan Rather, so she wants me to stay and do Weekend Update with her.