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Taking the Pzizz

Last night I gave some good thought to making a GP appointment and getting a short course of Ambien. I need to back on a normal sleep cycle. Not that thereís anything wrong with the 5am-1pm thing Iíve fallen into, Iím just tired of being tired during the day and not tired at night.

In a spasm of web-surfing synchronicity, I found Pzizz. We all know that Bobby likes a good gadget, so I tried it out. I put a 30-minute sleep nap onto my iPod and crawled into bed around midnight. Wasnít really that tired, but thought Iíd give it a go. Itís a smartly produced compilation of NLP suggestion and soothing electronica, with some peaceful bird chirps and waterfalls. I liked it. Didnít drift off to dreamland, but I did become really relaxed.

Once it was over, I gave myself 30 minutes to fall asleep. Thatís my rule Ö otherwise I toss and turn and get aggravated that Larry can blissfully snore while I canít get my mind to slow down and quit obsessing over all the things I should have done with my life. And what to do tomorrow? And did I leave the iron on? And when was the last time I actually ironed?

I got up to read something that I thought would be boring (thatís what all the insomnia books say to do Ö and no television, so I canít even find out if Starbuck is going to find the Arrow of Apollo). The first two chapters of Crime and Punishment are more engaging than youíd think, and the quiet breeze coming in off the square was really beautiful. I thought about putting on some clothes and going for a walk. But then I thought I might find an old pawnbroker and kill her, so I moved on to A.N. Wilsonís London: A Short History, where I learned that the now underground Fleet river mirrors the development of London.

And now itís nearly 3am. Not sleepy yet, despite the chamomile tea Iíd sipped while reading. I created a new 60-minute sleep nap, put it on the pod, and went to try again. At some point during that, I fell asleep. Woke up around 10 this morning.

Baby steps. Without pharmaceuticals. Weíll give the Pzizz a week or so. If Iím not back on a reasonable schedule by then, itís better living through chemistry.

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And for those of you worried about Apollo's Arrow, Iíve found Mr. Bamber and sheathed it nicely.

Actually, it's on the floor of the museum, not too far from a whooped Number Six. Starbuck's just a little freaked that there's a Baby Boomer* behind Helo, the President's in the brig, and the Old Man just took two to the chest. Ouch. Didn't see that coming.

I guess I better find Season Two, eh?

* Come on, that's funny, innit?