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Bellyful of Laughs

Recent news, on both sides of the Atlantic, has had its plate full of the "obesity epidemic." What can we do to save our children from this plague-like curse?

Oh sure, there's making them eat healthier. There's getting their asses of lard exercising instead of sitting in front of the tv or playing with their PSPs. That would be too easy. And how come nobody "reports that the new generation has the most dexterous opposable thumbs in history?

Besides, it's sexy to be overweight. Just ask the bears. And Starrrrrr Jones didn't look near as scary before she did (or didn't) have her stomach removed to create a new line of leather-ish Payless Shoes (the Haggis collection ... wrap your feet in the lining of Star).

And today, the cover The Guardian's Weekend magazine reminds us it's funny to be fat.


I don't get it. One minute the media's telling our kids that being overweight will kill them. The next minute it's saying hey, put on a few ... you'll make us laugh, be popular, and maybe get rich.

Seems to be more standards than Johnny Vegas has chins.

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The best joke in the series of interviews that go along with the pictures comes from Meera Syal ...

"A woman walks into a bar and asks the barman for a double entendre, so he gives her one."