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Return to Lender

I got a letter from my bank today, addressed to "occupant." It said they'd been informed that I was no longer at this address and could whoever lives there please forward on bobzyeruncle's whereabouts.

So I rang them up to assure them, that yes, I did in fact abide at the abode on record.

"Sorry for the inconvenience, sir. It's all cleared up."

So off I trod to the local branch, to deposit a check and some cash.

The teller counted my currency, then just stared at her monitor, moving her mouse about and clicking to no avail.

"Computer says no."

There's still an "inhibit" on my account. So off I was whisked to the secret room, where I had to pull proof of identity and residence out of my ass messenger bag. Ironically (and unbeknownst to me), I had a recent bank statement in my bag.

"You took a deposit from me two weeks ago," I said, pointing to transaction on the statement.

Apparently between then and now there had been mail returned to them as "no longer at this address."

I wonder if Larry's giving me a hint, via the bank.